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by Debbie Djordjevic

The Fleece, Addingham, West Yorkshire

The Fleece, Addingham, West Yorkshire

There is some beautiful countryside to be explored around West Yorkshire, especially the towns and villages on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Pubs, shops, stop off’s for afternoon tea are all to be searched out and enjoyed and if you do then make sure you visit The Fleece in Addingham, West Yorkshire. This old stone pub has been there as long as the village (which is a long time) but has been given a new lease of life by the current owners who also own The Craven Heifer in the same village and The Gray Ox. You will get a  Yorkshire welcome and a whole lot more if you decide on lunch or dinner in this delightful spot.

The Fleece believes in ‘Yorkshire grub, done proper’ to accompany their fantastic range of beers and wines. They try where possible to incorporate local ingredients into their menus where possible and use great imagination and flare in terms of the little extras that are important.  Pork crackling made fresh in the kitchen was one such welcome addition which quickly disappeared as we took in the menu.

I was looking for a starter which didn’t fill me up too much but gave me an appetite so chose a Yorkshire blue cheese,  poached pear, candied hazelnuts and young leaf salad for £6.50. The pear which was sweet, ripe and juicy was the perfect accompaniment for the cheese which was soft and not too strong  and the whole dish was served on a bed of crunchy leaves.

My partner opted for a hot smoked salmon fishcake, again made from scratch by the chef, served with a tomato and chive beurre blanc which was light and flavoursome. I had heard great things at the The Gray Ox, Liversedge, about a dish using ‘woof‘ which I hadn’t been able to order as it was no longer on their menu. As it was a main course here at The Fleece I decided to try this white flaky fish for the first time. Woof (or Atlantic Wolf Fish) is a large, eel like fish, but don’t think eel, think cod in terms of taste and texture.  The generously sized fillet had been rubbed with cumin and served with curried mussels and a crayfish potato cake – all found in local waters off the coast of the UK. The sauce was creamy, the mussels perfectly cooked and the combination just right!

My partner opted for the Pig on a Plate which was pork fillet in parma ham, braised cheek, twice cooked pork belly, black pudding apple puree and mashed potatoes – again he said that the tender pork was mouthmelting and the sauce was more like a perfect gravy.
I am a bit of a fan of local cheeses so after the Yorkshire blue cheese salad  I decided to delve furtherwith a cheese platter to finish my meal whereas my partner couldn’t resist the ice-cream which is local too (his selection was vanilla and a nutmeg flavoured scoop).

All in all we were very impressed with the lunch at The Fleece Inn. They have opened a shop next door which sells hot coffee and things to take away. As I said I think they are missing a trick not selling things like the local cheeses as I would have filled my car, but the sausage roll which I did buy was devoured warm later in the day and was overflowing with filling and flavour – a real triumph!

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