My HTC Urban Adventure

Mimi ON Jul 09, 2012 AT 3:22 pm


The HTC One X is a spectacular phone that has several different features for capturing brilliant photos.  I was fortunate enough to try out the phone firsthand in Zagreb, Croatia on the HTC Urban Adventure trip.

During the trip, we ventured to different abandoned historic sites and used the HTC One X to snap photos of what we saw. Each stop on the tour provided an opportunity to utilize different features on the camera including low light, panoramic, HDR and continuous shooting to name a few. I was impressed, to say the least, by how crisp and clear the photos turned out and how it truly captured the essence of each site visited. The camera on the HTC One X surpassed the quality of my own camera.

Kerestinec Castle

We visited Kerestinic Castle, which was built in the 16th century and provided a glimpse of unseen Croatia. The site was not only stunning, but rich in Croatian history; in World War II, the castle was used as a concentration camp and was later reformed into a prison. The site remains disused and in need of a renovation. At the castle, I was able to use the HDR function on the camera to capture the contrast between the sharp colours of the beautiful stained glass and whitewashed walls.

Street Artist

At the Medika Museum of Street Art, we had a great opportunity to use the panoramic, zoom and HDR features of the camera to capture the vibrant colours of the graffiti. The Medika embodies the spirit and attitude of urban Zagreb. I was able to use the various colour settings on the camera as well as the vignetting option to personalize my photos.


Paromlin is a disued flour mill, managed by caretaker Nikolas, who lives there. It is a beautiful and historic building. Over the course of its history, three fires ruined the building and it now remains derelict. Nikolas now uses one of the rooms as an alternative club for the creative people of Zagreb. It was a truly inspirational site and I was able to capture amazing photos with the low-light and HDR settings as well as capture skyline of Zagreb from the top of the building with the panoramic feature.

Zagreb Skyline

My favorite features of the HTC One X camera include the distortion effects, vignetting, dots, vintage, greyscale and posterise, all of which provided a great opportunity for me to personalize my photos and customize them to fit my style.

HTC One X Options

With the multitudes of features and options on the HTC One X Camera, it is truly a fun and addicting phone to use. I really enjoyed using the camera on the HTC One X and continue to use it to capture everything that inspires me. I would highly recommend the phone to anybody that loves to capture photos readily and easily as well as wants the opportunity to personalize their photos.

You can find tweets from the trip by looking under #MyHTCUrbanAdventure

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