Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil

Mimi ON Oct 17, 2012 AT 8:14 am

By Matt Risley

When it comes to luxury getaways, sometimes it’s hard to find a place’s niche.

I mean, when the food, location and activities all come amazing-as-standard, it’s easy to run out of superlatives.

But while Ponta dos Ganchos excels in every known hospitality category, there’s one thing I doubt anywhere else could ever beat it at – it’s mind-blowing service.

Governador Celso Ramos, Santa Catarina

The location alone screams exclusive, extravagant excellence. Situated on a privately-owned peninsula on southern Brazil’s San Caterina coast, and nestled within lush verdant forestry with nothing but idyllic fishing villages on either side, it’s hard to find but easy to get lost in.

Private golden sandy beaches and sparkling emerald waters make up the perimeter, while tropical nature trails connect the resort’s extensive ‘to do’ list. From a private cinema and games room, to an ocean-front tennis court, heated swimming pool and fitness centre, there’s something for everyone. And that’s even before we’ve got onto the world’s most relaxingly situated spa – in a couple of wonderfully picturesque massage pavilions, perched on the edge of the peninsula with nothing but the sound of the waves to help you drift off into muscle-soothing bliss.

But it’s in the small touches that Ponta blows you away.

After being welcomed to the resort with some refreshing coconut water, and given a tour of the resort, I was dropped off at my villa. After taking a moment to soak up the jaw-dropping view (nothing but miles and miles of Atlantic ocean), and exceptional facilities (hammock, infinity plunge pool, sauna, jacuzzi, dual showers, flat-screen and minibar comes as standard), I left the villa for a five minute wander.

Ponta Dos Ganchos

By the time I returned, my bags had been unpacked, and all my clothes hung up or folded away. That was simply a sign of things to come. Never intrusive, but always on-hand, the staff excel at excellence.

And because it’s an all-inclusive resort, you feel at ease to order as much room service or to indulge at the ocean-side restaurant as much as you’d like. Again, a la carte, world-leading food comes as standard. Whether you’re trying the brilliantly balanced 10-course breakfast (designed entirely to start your day in the healthiest way possible), or with a romantic candle-lit dinner made up of the freshest ingredients (courtesy of French chef Laurent Suaudeau), it’s all top-notch dining.

The word ‘exclusive’ is bandied around with casual ease when it comes to luxury travel. But with total privacy, truly world-class service and an ambiance tailored entirely around your wellbeing, I can’t think of anywhere else that even compares.

Ponta dos Ganchos offers rates from £417 per bungalow per night, including all meals and non-alcoholic beverages, based on two sharing. For more information, head to www.pontadosganchos.com


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