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Mimi ON Oct 20, 2010 AT 4:41 pm

Hotel Verta, Battersea

Hotel Verta, Battersea

By Emma Skipper

I was recently given the opportunity to head south of the Thames after work to go and experience the new Spa at Hotel Verta, Spa Verta. So, dutifully I popped along and was more than a little impressed at what they had to offer.

Hotel Verta officially launched in September this year and is based immediately adjacent to the London Heliport… which is incredibly cool despite being pretty useless for mere mortals such as myself.

Hotel Verta Restaurant

The restaurant area with a view of the Helipad

The hotel’s exterior is very sleek, with modern architecture (aka lots of glass) set against gorgeous views of the Thames. The location is not one commonly associated with luxury hotels, especially when they are clearly aimed at the high-earners who spend the majority of their time on the 32nd floor of a City office block, however they’ve made it work and I was pleasantly surprised with the building and its setting. Plus I was equally impressed with the hotel’s interior which was slick and plush without being over done.

Having spent a bit of time perusing the lobby area, restaurant and bar, all of which have fab views, lovely staff and great views of the river and the incoming helicopters(!), I was ushered to the basement where they have developed a seriously impressive spa area, Spa Verta.

Click here to see what Emma thought of the spa…

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