Best Spas In The Gulf

Mimi ON May 06, 2012 AT 9:59 am

Spas in the Middle East

Spas in the Middle East

Khaleejesque is a thriving lifestyle online magazine that revolves around everything hip and happening in the Arabian Gulf countries when it comes to the continuously evolving cultural scene… and they’ve giving us some fab tips to finding the best spas in Gulf!

by Khaleejesque

The Gulf is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. Home to the popular over the top tourist destination Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the ever-growing financial soon-to-be hub-Qatar, business-friendly Bahrain, beautiful Oman, spiritual Saudi Arabia and the culture-capital-that-is Kuwait, the Gulf is one of the fastest growing and developing regions in the world.

Spa-wise, the Gulf is home to many top-notch high-end spas and resorts. With a very savvy informed regional clientele, these spas are constantly expanding and upgrading their treatments to meet international standards and techniques; insuring they are always on the top of the wave when it comes to the latest beauty approaches and therapies.

Throughout this week we’ll be adding Khaleejesque’s top-picks for resorts and spas in the Gulf… and first we have Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).







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