Star-studded Dining: Craig’s LA

Chrissy ON May 23, 2013 AT 10:09 am

by Chrissy Iley

Last night I was invited to Craig’s LA. I’d been there once before in Oscar week and it was a mass of table-hopping celebrities. Weirdly I’d assumed that was a one off, but last night it was Craig’s birthday. I’m not sure if it was Craig the man or Craig the restaurant. There were news camera crews outside as I went to make a phone call and suddenly a thousand paparazzi and videorazzi all hearing me change my ticket on Air New Zealand.

I scuttled inside to look for my friends and then realised that people were giving me funny looks. I was focused on looking for the friend not quite taking in that I was staring at Ryan Gosling which was quite nice. Then on another corner table was Jeff Goldblum looking lean and chiselled with a tiny brunette friend.

Craig’s Hollywood

Then I saw Elton in a tracksuit shuffling across the room. The tracksuit was black and shiny and staticy with a white stripe. It caused alarm and a debate that only teenagers can wear man made fabrics. It’s a complete no no after 20.

As it was Craig’s birthday the wine was on the house. No wonder it was packed. The food there is amazing. The honey truffled fried chicken with mash being the favourite dish.

The waiter told us for dessert we could have something that wasn’t on the menu. It was only made for special people. It was a chocolate pizza. It sounds like it might have been as crazy as a fried Maras bar but it was delicious. Thin crusted with a mix of different textures of chocolate, creamy and crunchy.

Craig’s birthday was heralded with salted caramel cup cakes which were aromatic, subtle, compulsive.

Anyone visiting LA and wanting to spot celebrities can forget Soho House. Just head on down to Craig’s. Completely amazing.

George Clooney leaving Craig’s

8826 Melrose Ave. (at Robertson Boulevard), West Hollywood; (310) 276-1900;

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