The Dukan Diet at The Residence in Tunis; Part 2

Mimi ON Jan 07, 2011 AT 3:30 pm

The Residence, Tunis

Part 2, read Part 1 one here!

The diet has 4 stages:

Attack Phase

This should only last 2-5 days, they are your PP days – Pure Protein days, you are given oat bran every day too, to keep things moving! This intense eating method enables you to lose a few pounds very quickly. Eating just protein does also make your water retention ease, so even if you don’t weigh less you look smaller.

Cruise Phase

This is where you start to introduce vegetables into your daily diet, but you must alternate between a protein only day and then a day with protein and vegetables. This must continue until you reach your True Weight. During this time you should expect to lose approx 2lbs a week.

Consolidation Phase

This acts as a transition between being on the diet and returning back to your regular eating pattern – the hard bit! This is when it could all go horribly wrong and all that hard work could go to waste if you don’t watch what you eat still, a very easy time to slip back into old habits. There are still some rules to follow but not terribly strict ones. During this time you can eat fruit, bread, cheese in moderation and have 2 celebration meals a week, these really are eat what you like meals. The catch is, once a week you must have a PP day and take some exercise, as Dr Dukan says “never take a lift again”.

Stabilisation Phase

The hard work is over and now you can enjoy wearing all the clothes in your wardrobe you’ve kept in the hope that you will fit in them again. Two rules remain, a PP day once a week and continue to take the oat bran every day.

The Residence in Tunis - Pool area

The Residence in Tunis - Pool area

All the restaurants offer a Dukan menu so you can go from Chinese to traditional Tunisian dishes all with Dukan twist. Some of our favourites that we tried were in the Chinese restaurant, some were so good we wanted the recipes to take home. Even though we had our restrictions we did see other delicious food served, so going with a friend who didn’t want to Dukan could work very easily.

As well as your Dukan meals the package also includes 15 spa and beauty treatments, which is excellent value and having sampled a few I was very impressed by the standard of the therapists and the type of treatments that were chosen to ensure maximum weight loss. The spa and Thalassotherapy centre was very extensive offering many targeted cellulite, lymphatic and circulation treatments that I saw results from even in such a short time. I was also impressed with seeing the Darphin range and facials at the hotel, it’s the perfect luxury range to complement the treatments available.

The hotel is very spacious with very friendly staff in fact each room comes equipped with a private butler service. I had a lovely room with a spectacular view of the gardens, pool and sea. The pool was enormous and the outside space was very well laid out with plenty of private areas to rest and relax on the sunbeds without feeling overlooked. The Residence has its own nicely kept private beach which is a short walk from the outside bar and restaurant.

Fact Box

Seasons’ seven-night Dukan weight loss programme at The Residence Tunis costs from £2,370 per person including all meals, spa treatments, medical consultations and transfers.  Flights excluded but available on request.  For guests sharing, but not on the Dukan Diet, seven-nights start from £710pp (bed and breakfast, flights excluded). (01244 202000;

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