The Dukan Diet at The Residence in Tunis

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The Residence, Tunis

The Dukan Diet has emerged from France, as not just a method of losing weight but more importantly a way of maintaining your goal weight. To try and educate people who were looking for a new way of losing weight after trying so many diets in the past. So many people in the fashion and beauty industry are dropping lbs on this diet, everyone is staring at the chips but only eating the streak. I went on a trip to try it out for myself at The Residence in Tunis, the only hotel in the world offering the diet, this package offers you the freedom to go on vacation and enjoy life whilst eating well and not starving.

The Tunis offers so many packages that you can go on holiday with your partner or family and sit in the same restaurants at meal times but order from your Dukan menu. You may have the temptation across the table but if you have made your mind up to do the diet you are more likely to stick with it knowing that at the end of your vacation you will go home up to half a stone lighter. I went with a friend who actually lost six pounds in 4 days, it took me longer, but I definitely found my weight easier to lose after a stay at the hotel to boost my willpower.

The Residence in Tunis - indoor pool area

The Residence in Tunis - indoor pool area

Before you arrive at the hotel you are asked to answer 11 questions to calculate what your True Weight should be, taking into consideration your age, how many times you have been on a diet before and even how big your wrists are. Your True Weight will be your final goal once you leave the hotel, but depending how much weight you have to lose, a lot can be lost in that first week. This acts as such a great incentive to continue when you go home, that week at The Residence is vital to kick start a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life.

The programme allows you to eat from 100 different foods; 72 rich in protein and 28 vegetables, there’s no strict rules about weighing or combining them, in fact during the Attack Phase you could actually eat 4 lunches if you wanted, providing they were all protein only.

Click here to read all about the 4 stages of the diet…

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