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by Chrissy Iley

Beauty Spotlight: Face Place, Rosewood Hotel.

The Face Place at the Rosewood Hotel.

Quite a few people, and by that I mean A-list people, go diligently to the Face Place in West Hollywood. So many of them have been going for years and they won`t go anywhere else. You know it is good because they don’t give you the name of their therapist or tell you they will try and get you in, because they want to guard their own spot there. Now the Face Place is in London. It is in the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.

It is an oasis of cosy luxury. There is a golden retriever called Pearl who waits at reception for guests who want to walk her. There is a special programme for dog and cat guests. I already loved the place. They had me at woof.

Downstairs is serious spa time. How clever they were to be the UK`s only Face Place!

The Face Place in the US has been going since the 70s where his creator discovered a gap in the market. A place for men to get results driven facials that women want as well . The Scientific Facial, the Macho Facial, no frills but scientifically tested -the ultimate results facial.

My therapist Rowan has just come back from LA where she trained in the Face Place techniques. She is skillful and now brimming with new cleverness.

You lie down in your spa bed, your feet tipped up, your head tipped down. Blood and energy to head.

Then it is all about wraps soaked in ingredients like Vitamin C and Zinc to regenerate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Then you put on a collar, not like Pearl the dog`s collar, more like a poodle collar; it is high with metal bits. More and more of the wraps go on your face. You feel a little mummified. There is a warm pillow behind you, so you feel cosy. Then a thing goes over your face like a small tepee. It is leather and there is a hole on the top. You would not find it claustrophobic if you knew the amazing results you are about to see. I did not find it claustrophobic anyway.

First off there are extractions. Thorough but painlessly performed. Then, you feel your skin being sucked up in the Galvanic current. It is interesting; scientific and to the point. I actually found it very relaxing and fell asleep. It goes on for 75 minutes and then your face is finished off with some Skinceuticals. Face Place`s own brand will appear soon, for now they have chosen the wonderful Skinceuticals. Vitamin B5 serum is super hydrating.

But this facial is not about the creams or the pampering; it is about the results. Sitting in the tepee in the wraps the galvanic current takes away lines. it plumps up cheeks and gets rid of drooping and slackness, Afterwards your skin looks super firm and super glowing.

It has an instant beautifying effect; it is instantly anti-aging and now I see why those people go every 3 weeks. Apparently the more you do it, the more plumped up your skin becomes and the more permanent the firm and glowing features. If my jaw dropped at all, it was only in amazement. This treatment is fabulous. Find out more and book your own appointment here.

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