The Glasgow Film Festival

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Glasgow Film Festival 2013

The Glasgow Film Festival is in its 9th year and has the support of a keen city of cinema lovers who just love to go to the movies. Glasgow was famously known as ‘Cinema City’ the people of Glasgow in the 1920’s to 40’s had a keen appetite for movies, and went more often than anywhere else in the country. They had 130 cinemas and saw these grand Art Deco buildings almost as palaces and the perfect place to go and escape from the black, darkness of the industrial city. The movie theatres were palatial and were a place they socialised and dressed up to go to, while also marveling at the lights on the big bright screen.

Still now Glasgow loves film, the GFO, Glasgow Film Office wants productions to come and film in the city to boost its international profile and attract visitors, which is all great for the economy. In 2012 the film industry had a £23 million impact on the finances for the city. Filming for World War Z, Cloud Atlas and The Fast and the Furious was a huge part of this sum, with names like Brad Pitt and Halle Berry all arriving in Glasgow for their films.

Brad Pitt on set of World War Z

We heard that when Brad and Angelina arrived they insisted on having Glasgow Grand Central Station closed for them, which astonishingly they did, what is clear after meeting  up with the GFO is they love having the film crews there and want to make it work, so if they can they will.  Apparently Halle Berry found Glasgow so cold she walked around with a hot water bottle and about 6 people surrounding her with puffer jackets.

So this year what can you look forward to seeing at the festival?

Here’s my highlights of the films and events that are happening all over the city, get your tickets quick and have fun!

Highlights of this year’s film festival.

Fashion in Film 
About Face: Supermodels Then and Now
The original supermodels like Isabella Rossellini and Jerry Hall reflect on their careers in this documentary about the process of ageing. This sounds fascinating and also features the brilliant Carmen Dell’Orefice, who is still modelling at the age of 81, after 65 years in the business. Carmen famously states; “If you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair?”
Showing on Monday 18th Feb; Venue GFT

Carmen Dell’Orefice in ‘About Face’

Cloud Atlas
With scenes shot in Glasgow the screening of this film is highly anticipated at the festival. Starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and Jim Broadbent this David Mitchell novel is dazzling story telling on an epic scale. Look out also for Glasgow starring as 1970’s San Francisco
GFT: 17th / 18th Feb

How to Make Money Selling Drugs
I saw this satirical documentary about the ‘war’ on drugs at the Toronto Film Festival last year and told everyone they needed to see it, so go. Featuring interviews with 50 Cent, Susan Sarandon and real big time drug dealers this is a fascinating insight into the way drugs touch all levels of society in America but punishment is disproportionately heaped upon the poorest and black communities.
Cineworld. 18th / 19th Feb at

Greetings From Tim Buckley 23rd / 24th Feb at GFT
Penn Badgley, of Gossip Girl fame gives a great performance as the young Jeff Buckley who struggles to come to terms with his relationship with his father, who abandoned his mother just before he found success in his own musical career. This film has had good reviews from the film festival circuits and is one to watch.
GFT: 23th / 24th Feb

The Look of Love
Fresh from its world premiere at the Sundance film festival, The Look of Love stars Steve Coogan as the legendry King of Soho, Paul Raymond. Michael Winterbottom’s biography follows Raymond from the opening of his first ‘gentleman’s club’ in 1958 to his rise as the notorious porn baron and property tycoon. His story is quite tragic and goes a long way to show you that money doesn’t always buy you or ensure happiness. Can’t wait for this one.
GFT: 15th Feb / Cineworld 16th Feb

The brilliant acting talent of Brian Cox, Paul Bettany and Mark Strong star in this thriller based on the television series Conviction. The film is a compelling tale of morality where actions have tragic consequences.
Cineworld ; 15th / 16th Feb


Special Events

Kapow! @GFF
Fans of Superhero films and Marvel comics will be in geek heaven with the Kapow! strand of the festival, co-curated by Glasgow born filmmaker, Mark Millar who made Kick Ass. The Game of Thrones cast members will be there for a panel discussion. Watch the documentary Wonder Women! Telling the story of how female superheroes have changed from the 1940’s through to the present day. You can talk to John Wagner, the original creator of Judge Dredd and watch a 50 Years of Doctor Who extravaganza. Enjoy!

Tall Ship Screenings
Catch a special screenings of these classic films set at sea Dead Calm, Jaws, Peter Pan and Whisky Galore aboard a ship, this is a great idea, I love the sound of this!

Calamity Jane Barn Dance

Calamity Jane Barn Dance
Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doris Day’s Calamity Jane by watching the film followed by a live band and a good old fashioned barn dance, gingham and Stetsons are optional, but I think you really should make the effort….whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack away. Don’t get me started….
Grand Ole Opry: Sunday 17th Feb

GFF13 Surprise Film
You buy your ticket and you take your chance on this one! This annual treat remains one of the best kept festival secrets. Past years have included David Lynch’s Inland Empire and last year’s Jeff Who Lives at Home. Always a much talked about hot ticket, go on..
GFT: 20th Feb


Glasgow Film Festival (14 – 24 February 2013)

The Glasgow Film Festival is the fastest-growing and third biggest film event in the United Kingdom with over 350 events.  Its 2013 programme includes a live performance from legendary chanteuse Jane Birkin and the UK premiere of her film about Serge Gainsbourg, a Mark-Millar curated programme on comics in film, and a special James Cagney retrospective.

For further information on booking your trip to Glasgow visit

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