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Murad Spa, California

Murad Spa, California

As we pull up at the Murad Spa in Manhattan Beach, California, it’s almost as if we are in Disneyland, the Disneyland of skin therapy.  It’s a happy, happy place.  You are ushered into a relaxation room and given cucumber water. You are given a questionnaire that asks you things like “When was the last time you treated yourself?” Questions relating to skin health are asked in terms of mental health and stress.  Dr Murad himself is a pioneer of the theory that what you put into your body and how you treat it shows on your face.

I meet with Tracee and tell her that my concerns for my skin are that my skin has traveled too much and too often.  I have redness issues and sagging skin issues.  Tracee corrects, ‘pink issues’. And she knows all about the jet-lagged skin.  Over a decade ago now, she was a flight attendant with American Airlines. Weirdly she tells me that many of the skin therapists at Murad used to fly.  Possibly because they learned first hand about what not to do to their skin and wanted to put it right for other people.

Says Tracee, “It’s a service industry and we like to serve.”

And serve, she did.  The therapy room is spacious and cosy with nice touches a mini chandelier hanging from the night-light. The bed is warmed and I am in a tube dress as if I am to start a beach holiday.  Tracee is decisive; she knows exactly what to do.  My facial is a bespoke one using elements of the youth building and the moisture infusion facial.

First off, there is a cleansing and toning and there is also exfoliating. Tracee advises never use those granular kinds of scrubs; it’s all about the power of the gentle. I love the way Murad’s cleansing products all seem to double up as toners.  Then comes a masque that you feel doing its work.  After this comes oils and the acupressure facial that seems to lift and tighten with each new pressure point.  At the same time, my hands and arms have been dipped in paraffin and lay snuggly in giant mitts.

Afterwards, I saw the effects of the facial. They were radical.  My skin looked polished, smooth and uplifted. The sheen of it was quite incredible.  I looked rested instead of a person who had had only three hours of sleep.

The whole experience was easy going and not over-priced.  You feel Dr Murad’s healing energy. My friend who took me to the spa had actually been on a couple of his trials.  One of them was for his study into the science of cellular water.  For this she had to eat foods that were water intense like fruits, vegetables, occasional lean meat and fish.  It sounds obvious to say these things are healthy but it was Dr Murad who honed this knowledge into particularly focusing on the skin.  A stronger healthier body equals stronger healthier skin cells.  She also took his special supplements to enhance the process.

She had been telling me about the wonderful world of Murad for some time.  I noticed her skin freshened, glowing, it spoke for itself.  I should have already been living there.

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