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BATD ON Oct 13, 2010 AT 9:05 am

Savoy Hotel London

The Savoy reopened its doors on 10.10.10

After a three year renovation, the Savoy Hotel is shiny, new—and green.  Britain’s first luxury hotel closed its doors in December 2007, and after nearly three years of work and £220 million later, the hotel welcomed back its first guest on 10.10.10 at 10.10 am.  How’s that for a good start?

Beaufort Bar Savoy Hotel

a sketch of the Savoy's new Beaufort Bar

There are now 38 new River Suites which overlook the Thames and nine Personality Suites which pay tribute to the famous guests who have stayed at the hotel over the years such as Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and Frank Sinatra.  The hotel’s River Restaurant will be reopened and the art-deco themed Beaufort Bar is new.  The iconic American Bar remains mostly unchanged, the walls are covered with the photos of famous guests like Barbara Streisand and Humphrey Bogart and a the floors are covered in a new leopard print carpet.

The recent renovation is already one of the most ambitious restorations in British history and is the biggest green makeover to date.

Debra Patterson Savoy

The woman behind the green makeover, Debra Patterson

In 2005, a Green Team, headed by Debra Patterson, formed and began the process of making the hotel more eco-friendly.  When the doors closed in 2007, they were able to take their green initiative to the next level.  The hotel now owns over £2.4 million worth of green technology which has bought a new refrigeration system for the kitchen and special power plant which will reduce its dependency on the national grid by half.

Paper, glass, towels, and shampoos will all be recycled.  Kitchen scraps will also be recycled to create biofuel which will then be fed into the national grid.  The hotel has also set up an herb garden, and says its chef is dedicated to using local, seasonal and organic foods.  The Savoy has also teamed up with Thames 21 to help look after the stretch of the River Thames that runs in front of it.

Savoy Hotel

The hotel is committed to responsible luxury

But the Savoy has found a distinguished balance of is now devoted to going green, doesn’t mean it still isn’t committed to luxury—the hotel offers special environmentally friendly holiday packages and even employs a “green butler” who’s job is direct guests to the best organic restaurants and shops in the city.

We can definitely get behind this kind of eco-friendly forward thinking.  Perhaps the Savoy has planted the seed of responsible luxury.

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