The Travelling Prince – Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza Pt 1

Mimi ON Jul 13, 2009 AT 12:32 pm

The Prince relaxes at Hotel Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza

The Prince relaxes at Hotel Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza

Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza


His Highness and I had just arrived on the island of Ibiza, eager to enjoy a few days respite in the sun.  We were staying at Hotel Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza, located on the marina of Santa Eulalia just 21km from the airport. This five star marina side hotel built predominantly from glass and natural stone reminded us rather fondly of a contemporary gallery space in which unique pieces of art and designer furniture were purposefully placed throughout, no doubt under the keen eye of interior designer Juan de los Rios.

 The Prince was eager to see his Junior Suite and upon entering there were more than enough noticeable features in the room to satisfy him.  At the far side, the curtains automatically opened, drawing one’s attention to the balcony and encouraging one to appreciate the view from the balcony and the expanse of the room itself.  Designer sofa, armchair and coffee table, Bang and Olsen flat screen, Wifi and bespoke mini bar.  The wardrobe cabinets were purposefully hidden allowing one to admire the clean lines, open space and the extra large dressing table, everything had The Prince’s stamp of approval. 

The Traveling Prince Takes a Dip in the Pool

The Traveling Prince Takes a Dip in the Pool

We decided to take lunch poolside and having ordered some delicious snacks and with the opening of a rather nice bottle of Cava, His Highness un-expectantly decided it was time to take a dip.  “Your Majesty, may I enquire as to why one would wish to swim at this precise moment?” The Prince laughed whilst running towards the swimming pool and throwing his outer garments back in my direction, “Because I can!” and with that he disappeared beneath the water.    

Taking lunch in the canopied garden terrace was extremely enjoyable, allowing the soft breeze to cool one’s brow.  No sooner had His Highness dried off, our freshly madequeso omelettes, pan con salami y selección de pasteles’’ were served accompanied with fresh orange juice…and of course another bottle of Cava.  When on holiday and in a hot country one can confidently recommend that taking lunch poolside be followed by taking a nap poolside.  Sumptuous sun beds and the relaxing ambient sounds from the garden sound system did the trick for much of the day whilst being served various refreshments in between swims and I personally took the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the literary talents of Stephen Fry.  As the day passed and the sun lowered we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the evening ahead.  “I’ll call you when I’ve decided what’s to be done”, The Prince informed me, “Well I rather think perhaps as we’re in Spain, you should have a siesta, a bath and then we should possibly dine around 10.30 this evening Your Majesty” I replied with eager authority. “Very well, dinner at 10.30 it is and where shall we dine? He replied insistently. 
Sa Capella would be a nice idea”, “Ah yes, Sa Capella, a great choice…I’ll meet you in the bar at 9″.

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Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza
C/ Salvador Camacho S/N
07840, Santa Eulalia del Rio
Ibiza, Spain.
Junior Suite 310€ – 525€ per night

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