The Travelling Prince – Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza Part 2

Mimi ON Jul 13, 2009 AT 1:18 pm

The Prince contemplates a new purchase

The Prince contemplates a new purchase

The Travelling Prince – Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza (Part 2)


Having relaxed at Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza for a good few days, we decided that exploring the island would be fun, so with new found energy, we hired a car and began to explore Ibiza by road. 

No sooner had we left the Santa Eulalia marina we headed for the hills and began driving across the island and much to our delight, soon discovered the ancient village of Sant Agnes and “Cas Sabiter” a leather workshop owned by Manfred Postél who will make you anything in leather from shoes to furniture. Thankfully I managed to persuade His Highness not to purchase everything in the workshop and instead and after much temptation he opted for a beautiful hand made leather laptop case.

Next we decided to head towards Punta Glara, a small rocky bay (where only the confident trekker should go).  However having parked up our 4 x 4 and made our way on foot down to the rocky bottom, the stunning crystal clear waters and refreshing swim was priceless.  His Highness was delighted and we happily spent the rest of the afternoon long into the early evening lying on beach towels and listening to the sea lapping against the rocks. 

The Prince Discovers Punta Glara

The Prince Discovers Punta Glara

One could spend a lifetime discovering beaches on the island of Ibiza and one of the other forms of transport popular to those who prefer not to drive are the numerous boats which taxi people along the coast beautiful bays and hidden sandy beaches. His Highness thought a boat trip would be great fun and here are just few of the beaches we discovered along the way; Cala Vedra, Cala Yondal, Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Moli all of which are worth a visit.

So with a combination of beach trekking and pool lounging we spent much of our time relaxing, thinking, chatting, reading, eating and sleeping some more.  Encouraged by the high end offer and calm serenity of Hotel Quilibra Aguas De Ibiza we were quite content to indulge further still into its 5 star service and as we relaxed poolside in the delightful gardens adorned with luxury soft furnishings and spacious canopied areas we soon found ourselves rejuvenated and able to contemplate returning to London.  All too soon our deliberations became reality and although we new we were about to leave the reassurance of hotel for the fast pace of Soho in London, we were encouraged by the news of the hotel’s intention to open its own luxury spa area in July 2009 and with this in mind His Highness suggested we might just return to this 5 star haven sooner than one might think.


C/ Salvador Camacho S/N
07840, Santa Eulalia del Rio
Junior Suite 310€ – 525€ per night

CAS SABATER (Artesania en Cuero)
07828 Sta.Ines
T: 00 34 971805051
Leather goods from 15 Euros upwards

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