The Travelling Prince: A Slice of Yorkshire Part 2

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The Prince strolls through Beverley Saturday market

The Prince strolls through Beverley Saturday market

The next day and with the sun gently caressing the early morning mist across the surrounding farmland of Little Weighton, we cheerfully walked the 5.4 miles to Beverley.  His Highness was keen to entertain some guests at The Chapel that evening and with the Beverley Saturday market taking place, this was the ideal opportunity to purchase some wonderfully fresh local produce. 

We were informed the market square dated back to its charter in the Middle Ages and with 140 stalls selling a healthy mix of delicious food produce and time honoured household goods; the market remains today a thriving business.  We soon discovered a dedicated section of the market selling fresh salad, fruit and vegetables, where His Highness became quite excited at the vast selection of remarkable produce on offer, so with two bags full of seasonal delight we made our way to an extremely tempting bread stall. 

Soon enough I was carrying a freshly baked granary loaf, six links of handmade sausages, a traditional curd tart, a potted geranium and some exquisite fillets of North Sea Haddock.  It was decided; much to my relief, we would return by taxi which thankfully allowed us some extra time to sample coffee and cake at Tea Cosy a quaint tea room, where the freshly made cakes and sandwiches were quite delicious.

The Prince buys supplies for the festivities later

The Prince buys supplies for the festivities later

That afternoon, His Highness had been booked into the Sessions Hair, Health & Beauty Spa, located in the former historic Crown Court buildings of Beverley where it is said, Dick Turpin was once tried.  The Prince was eager to look around the vast building and one could easily see how “Sessions” managed to offer wide-ranging services for men and women ranging from universal beauty therapies, sports and fitness treatments to a full hair service.  The Prince had been given the opportunity to choose from a menu of massages and opted for the full holistic body massage, so once changed into his robe and slippers; I left His Highness sitting comfortably in one of the candle lit relaxation areas, sipping a fresh fruit juice whilst awaiting his masseuse.  Forty minutes later His Majesty re-appeared having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  “I requested the masseuse focus on my shoulders and neck and I must say, I am most pleased with the result”.  So with clothes back on and with much vigour in his step His Highness was keen to purchase a number of Espa products from the Sessions Boutique before returning to the historic streets of Beverley. 

The Prince checks out the beauty treatments available

The Prince checks out the beauty treatments available

Next, the “Antiques Fair”, a Georgian house consisting of a vast number of rooms each crammed with antique furniture, miscellaneous oddities and some general bric-a-brac.  The Prince revelled in the disarray of it all and reappeared a hour later, having purchased a delicate pair of antique cufflinks with a fun nautical theme. “I shall wear these when we next take a cruise”, he remarked.

Later that evening back at The Chapel His Highness was most excited at the prospect of entertaining his guests and shortly after I had prepared all of the required ingredients in readiness for His Highnesses’ culinary expertise, the first guest arrived.  The open plan design of the kitchen and dining area made for creating a great atmosphere as His Highness opened the oven to reveal a selection of tasty appetisers. “Isn’t The Chapel quite lovely?” His Highness said with much eagerness. “Certainly it is most important that when one is hiring accommodation for the short stay, one should not require ones Butler to bring too many items from ones home as this would most certainly defeat the object of leaving ones home to begin with!”.  The Chapel was certainly well equipped and soon enough dinner was well and truly served, eaten and applauded.  After I had served the brandy and made sure all of the guests were comfortable I was appreciatively given leave to retire for the night….after all it had been a rather long day. 

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The Chapel
Two nights: £395
T: 01482 880542

Tea Cosy
37 Highgate, Beverley
North Humberside, HU17 0DN
T: 01482 868577

Sessions Hair, Health & Beauty Spa
Holistic Full Body Massage: £67.00
: 01492 873000

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