The Travelling Prince: Uptown Dining (Part 1)

Mimi ON Jan 29, 2009 AT 2:15 pm

The Travelling Prince

The Travelling Prince

His Highness likes to dine out at least three to four times a week and due to his busy social calendar it’s not unknown for him to visit some of his much loved restaurants regularly.  However, I have heard him say, “If one is to truly enjoy the experience of some of the more celebrated eateries it is perhaps better to avoid familiarity and savour one’s visit for certain spontaneous occasions”.

One such establishment which deserves this notion is the 21 Club, New York.  A slice of classic uptown chic, it deservedly has a place within the hierarchy of today’s leading culinary destinations.

Elegantly located at 21 west 52nd Street, this establishment has more than just its original fixture and fittings waiting within. The front door was opened with military precision and his Highness was greeted with a nod of assumed acknowledgement by a number of immaculately dressed hosts.  This is definitely a restaurant for congressman, movie stars and old money, with suit and tie a requisite.

Upon entering the cocktail lounge it was noticed the discrete but almost obligatory turning of heads to see who had just appeared.  All of whom were ready to deliver polite recognition to a familiar friend or foe. In our case, there was an obvious look of intrigue and interest.

So to begin the Prince relaxed with his customary G&T whilst browsing the menu.  I chose a rather nice Claret and indulged in the traditional grandeur of the sumptuous cocktail lounge most befitting to an old school butler like myself.  His Highness decided a ‘taster’ menu of eight courses would be apt and how could I possibly disagree?

Chicken Hash

Chicken Hash

Once seated at our table in the restaurant bar; olives and a traditional bread basket arrived.  Soon after, vast arrays of dishes were brought to the Prince’s table.  Manhattan clam chowder, jumbo lump crabmeat cocktail, lemon sole with green beans and tartar sauce, steak tartare; strictly a meat lover’s dish and a classic chicken hash with a striking pea green sauce and fabulous on the palette.  Course after course, the victuals were sumptuous and vivacious. 

Service was impeccable and certainly up to ones own standard. The Prince grazed still further with the steady advent of excellent food and wine arriving. I suggested that perhaps an extended work out in Central Park the following morning should be considered and shortly after, the New York cheesecake, platter of vanilla ice cream profiteroles, double cream rice pudding and a handsome cheese board arrived at the table.

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