Travel to Mumbai to help the real Slumdogs

BATD ON May 11, 2009 AT 3:32 pm

The Real Slumdogs experience

The Real Slumdogs experience

Sick of planning your next holiday all by yourself?  Are the all the usual resorts and Mediterranean cruises getting boring?  Well, Do-gooder travel provider Frontier has unveiled two new worthwhile trips to their repertoire.  These guilt-free, stress-free holiday packs include the “The Real Slumdogs“, a voyage that will lead you throughout India helping its poverty stricken children along the way, and the latest “Eco-Break“, a carbon-friendly adventure in Indonesia.

Danny Boyle’s Academy Award winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, has been one of the most touching films in recent years and has without a doubt, made its impact on the world.  The tale of an Indian teenager vying for the chance to escape the slums of Mumbai has shed some light on India’s current internal struggle and most importantly, the people affected by it.  With Frontier’s India Street Children project, you can make a difference by working with India’s poorest children, by far the country’s most vulnerable demographic.  By the end of the trip, you will have evolved into a fully-fledged volunteer, taking part in an array of tasks including teaching them about environmental issues, implementing better learning facilities in schools, and mentoring the children at summer camps.  After days of hard work and contributing to the cause, you can look forward to your time off during which Frontier has a long list of activities for you to take part in.  These include exploring the beautiful scenery of the countryside, visiting some of the most stunning of temples, taking yoga lessons taught by Indian masters, and a trip to the Bollywood Festival.  The India Street Children project lasts four weeks, or longer if you wish, and starts at £895 per person.

The Eco-Break

The Eco-Break

If you’re not quite sure if “The Real Slumdogs” is for you, Frontier’s new “Eco-Break” might be a better fit.  The nine-day excursion throughout the jungles of Indonesia will have you learning practical skills like building fires for cooking, preparing jungle medicines, and even catching fish for dinner.  This intriguing city break takes you on an adventure through Indonesia’s Sumatran rainforest where you will encounter an extraordinary range of biodiversity. Encounter orangutans hanging from tree limbs and elusive tigers looking for their next prey, ending with a river rafting trek back to base.  In addition to all of the thrill-seeking  joys on this trip, you can sleep well knowing that you are making strides in offsetting your carbon footprint by taking part.  For every person that books an “Eco-Break“, Frontier plants enough trees to offset 20% of the yearly carbon footprint of an average person, more than counteracting the carbon emissions produced by your air travel to Indonesia.  This environmentally friendly excursion starts at £350 and includes things like accommodations and 2 to 3 meals a day.

Whether you’re a Slumdog fan looking to make a difference in India’s fight against poverty or you’re just someone wishing to go green, don’t let these amazing opportunities get away.  Happy travels!

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