What Happened in Vegas. Part 2

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Kingpin Suite at The Palms

Kingpin Suite at The Palms

Day 2:
We set off early for breakfast at The Palms Resort this is a hotel with a strictly no smoking and no gaming policy, where’s the fun? How about this for starters, they have a Sunday Brunch where you can literally turn up in your pyjama’s and at night you can order a Junk Food Platter that has home made cotton candy and cupcakes, I’m sold. You might also know this hotel as the one where the Playboy Bunnies hangout.

Add me to a list that also includes George Clooney, David Beckham and Brad Pitt, they have all stayed in the famous penthouse apartment which costs $25K a night and houses its own full sized baseball court and just to prove it there’s a wall in the apartment where they all sign if they’ve stayed over – so start saving up. If you can’t afford that one there is a cheaper one coming in at $15K a night with its own bowling alley. But for us mere mortals I’d happily settle for the very chic rooms that start at $125 a night.

We met the chef Kerry Simon at breakfast and he gave us a tour of his restaurant and told us what was on the menu for later…. I think half the women were hoping it was him, they are so fickle, my heart belonged to Donny! The Palms is a very classy and private resort with a discreet celeb vibe to it, Jessica Simpson owns a one bed apt there, Junk Food Platter anyone? Oh, controversial, I didn’t think she looked that big really!! Another little touch I liked was that all the penthouses have hot tubs that hang off the side of the building, that’s what you call living dangerously.

Kerry Simon

Kerry Simon

After a very delicious and hearty breakfast, we took a walk down the Strip to visit New York New York where the bravest amongst us took a ride on the rollercoaster, I just browsed the slot machine floor, are you kidding after Eggs Benedict and Pancakes?! Crossing the road by elevators which at first seemed weird but I became very accustomed to them and now just stand at Oxford Circus looking up and just wishing…

We arrived at The Luxor which is the hotel best known as the pyramid, the closest I’ve been to Egypt. It houses the world’s largest atrium, these hotels have so much going on in them, I noticed Bodies the Exhibition was there, maybe not what you expect to find in Vegas. Another unexpected find within these Egyptian walls was a fantastic Mexican food emporium known as T&T, Tacos and Tequila, sign me up. Get your swagger on at tacosandtequilalv.com and upload your own Tequila Tale, we’ve all got one, at least!

I wasn’t a big tacos fan but I was there to be swayed by our entertaining host, Craig Gilbert who recommended our tasting menu and amazing cocktails, yes it was lunch and only a couple of hours since breakfast. Food and drink is a big draw in Vegas and be prepared to eat very, very well and do not whatever you do decide to try and be ‘good’ on this vacation, it would be a sin and you would absolutely miss out on so much that this town has to offer.  Elastic waistbands are a must!

The Luxor

The Luxor

We enjoyed the freshest and tastiest Mexican food I’ve ever tried, everything tasted light and full of flavour, the kitchen squeezes 10 boxes of limes a day, get the picture? Now this is not just for food, cocktails came in the shape of ‘bad-ass Margarita’s’ and the almost good for you fresh fruit ‘Pomegranate Acai’

Can you believe I have two more meals to tell you about just for today? I think I might need to sign off for now and have a little disco nap, as there’s some dance floor action later.

Have a lucky day!

Vegas Facts: Vegas Vic, the enormous neon cowboy that towers over Fremont Street, is the world’s largest mechanical neon sign. It’s estimated there are more then 15,000 miles of neon tubing in Las Vegas signs.

For more information on everything Las Vegas has to offer, contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority at www.VisitLasVegas.co.uk and 020 7367 0979. Virgin Holidays offers four nights at Caesars Palace including car hire and return flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas, from £849 per person (room only). To book www.virginholidays.com 0844 5573 860

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