What happened in Vegas?

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The Bellagio

The Bellagio

No it doesn’t stay there, because that would be a very dull blog of my fabulous trip!

The long answer would be eating, shopping, cocktails and dancing. Now there’s a chance you might find some people gambling but I was having way too much fun for that, in fact the only tables you’d find me at were under my feet when Womaniser came on!

I arrived in the afternoon, Virgin flies directly to Vegas from London so no changing flights in LA – alight pretty much on the Strip it’s so close. I checked in at Caesar’s Palace which was celebrating Chinese New Year covered in glorious red lanterns. They love a theme in Vegas and they go full out to make sure you know what it is, in fact the theme for the whole of Vegas is do it large and lavishly – I was loving it already. My room was huge, tastefully decorated and looked out onto the Strip, what a fabulous view. First off I was meeting my party for dinner and cocktails at Yellowtail the restaurant at the Bellagio, you know the one in Oceans 11 famous for its spectacular fountain show. Our table was situated just next to the window where we marvelled at the display throughout our meal. My first cocktail was a Cucumber Cup, a refreshing blend of Vodka, cucumber essence, rock candy (it’s a theme) fresh lemon and white cranberry juice, the perfect post flight pick me up. We met our chef Akira Back who had been a pro-snowboarder before he became the creative and talented man in the kitchen here at Yellowtail, it was no surprise after tasting his food to find out that he had worked at Nobu.

All the food we tried was amazing, my highlights were the Big Eye Tuna Pizza, Strawberry Roll with spicy tuna and cucumber and the Unagi and Banana Roll. I needed to wash these down with some Sake but in the shape of a Honeydew Mist, mixed with melon puree, rock candy and white cranberry. Rock candy made an appearance in one of the rolls, and the story here is that when the chef was a boy his Mum put the sweets in his Sushi to make him eat it, sounds weird but it works in a spooky kinda way.

Donny and Marie

Donny and Marie

We were whisked off to The Flamingo where Donny and Marie have a residency for their show, we sat in a booth next to the stage pinching ourselves with excitement, well I was the others were all in their 20’s and hadn’t a clue what they were about to see. Donny came on to a screaming audience (not just me) then Marie appeared looking like she had left her Mormon days behind her and there was a budding Vegas showgirl just bursting out of her. They sang and danced to recent hits, incorporating a couple of old favourites, but quite frankly they could have sang nursery rhymes and we wouldn’t have minded, they were just fabulous. Donny looked so hot, we all had a huge crush on him by his second song – damn he is a handsome man and he’s still got the moves even in ironed jeans and patent shoes we all agreed we so ‘would!’

Off to the Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood to see the latest in table dancing and gambling – yes they were dancing on poles at your gaming table so boys make sure you are concentrating on the right hand!
Time for bed and I was beat and ready for the next day, I called down for my wake up call and loved the operator’s greeting, “Have a lucky day!”  It was already 1am, this is truly a city that never sleeps.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas Facts: Las Vegas means The Meadows
Over 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Only 2 million people actually live in Nevada State.

For more information on everything Las Vegas has to offer, contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority at www.VisitLasVegas.co.uk and 020 7367 0979.

Virgin Holidays offers four nights at Caesars Palace including car hire and return flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas, from £849 per person (room only). To book www.virginholidays.com 0844 5573 860

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