Where’s Claire? Tunisia – Part 3

Mimi ON Aug 21, 2009 AT 5:39 pm

Dar Dhiafa Hotel

Dar Dhiafa Hotel

By Claire Tamara Yates

After the hustle and bustle of Tunis, followed by the charm of the Tunis coast, it was time to take the short one-hour flight to Djerba island in the Gulf of Gabes.

Djerba is the largest island off the coast of North Africa with a different character to mainland Tunisia, mixing beautiful sandy beaches, strong desert heat and a lack of vegetation. If you want a break from your sun lounger, head to the local town of Houmt Souk, the island’s ‘capital’. It’s a small town with a lovely central area, where a narrow tangle of souvenir souks open onto lazy, café-lined squares.

We stayed at Dar Dhiafa, a real hidden gem yet known on the fashion circuit – it was no surprise then that whilst we were there, a photo-shoot around the pool was in action for one of the UK’s top glossies. The hotel is a unique place – a string of inter-connecting 16th century houses built around courtyards with a charming main pool and several plunge pools. Each of its 15 rooms are individually and charmingly decorated with local furniture in arched alcoves. Lanterns give a warm glow at night and the thick stone walls ensure you are kept cool in the midday heat.

Aside from the surroundings, this hotel shone under the tremendously friendly owners, putting all guests at ease and providing an efficient service. Being French owned, it was also no surprise that the hotel’s own restaurant serves fantastic food – although there are also a few good restaurants in Houmt Souk, only a 10 minute drive away. Breakfast was one of the high points – served in the pretty courtyard.

Hotel Information
Djerba – www.hoteldardhiafa.com – Doubles – Euro 105 – 165 – we recommend the ‘Sultan’ room

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